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euro truck simulator 2 live on multi player E8

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    check out Trak racer – and join the sever guys

    mod link:
    map; upton
    game name; mark armstrong gaming
    password; colingaming
    sever type; Europe
    for gaming community facebook group:
    for setup info check out room tour video:

    PC specs:
    i5 6600k processor
    32Gb DDR4 RAM
    ASUS z170 motherboard
    Corsair 750 psu
    2x GTX980 graphics cards
    2TB hard drive
    240GB SSD
    NZXT H440 case

    trak racer rs6 simulator
    trak racer monitor stand
    Thrustmaster TX458 wheel
    Fanatec V1 pedals
    Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
    DIY SQ shifter and handbrake
    custom button box with twin joysticks
    samsung 40ich screen


    BalkanGamer says:

    i want this

    cobbler 6453 says:

    Hi mark great vid can i have your steam name plz

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