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EPIC Gaming Room THEATER Setup Tour!

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  • EPIC Gaming Room THEATER Setup Tour!

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    Viotek Portable Projector (You can really use any projector) –

    Projector Screen (Motorized) –

    Cheaper Projector Screens (Motorized):

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    Sembra Giusto says:

    Name song of the outro? Plz

    Cruze Willis says:

    What ever happened to the pc

    BRADYLA says:

    Your stuff sucks you only I have 1 monitor I have half of one

    ChickenRepublic says:

    1:29:/, it’s not ironic, it’s coincidental

    chaika kauhola says:

    Idk why there’s so much hate. The projector is awesome!

    Corrupted2001 says:

    TechSource Help this guy with cable management

    Dilan Hurtado says:

    Bro why are u still playing Bo3 that’s shit died millions years ago

    Malik Somerville says:

    Xbox one gameplay ?

    SupMyDude?¿ says:

    Where can I find the makeshift Ethernet plug?? Plz

    Elias Kishelev says:

    Now you have 400K

    CactusCon says:


    JusticeGamer says:

    Do you know how to get iOS 11.2.1 jailbreak

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