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EnVyUs LoL – HyperX Gaming House Tour

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  • Apollo and Nisqy of Team EnVyUs give us a tour of their League of Legends gaming house at the top of a hill. They introduce us to Toby, the best manager in eSports, show off their gaming room, tell us about their Korean cook, their crazy security camera setup, their gym, koi pond, putting green, and chicken coop with a scenic view! We also see the bedrooms of Nisqy, Lira, Seraph, Toby, Apollo, and Hakuho.

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    ukstevey says:

    anime body pillow ofc

    Pure0wnU30Videos RS says:

    Apollo is low key hot

    Fronni Kun says:

    I really started liking this team, also got rly happy with their last results! Their bot lane is pretty strong!Looking forward to see this team winning

    Mister Tokig says:

    Why does he go round like he's huge? Look at the arms lol. If you were big tho, sure but bro come on.

    Robin Nilselid says:

    Very Nice Ikea bord

    Drom Droom says:



    I swear seraph looks like kang gary in the last shot

    Puppy Cat says:

    Can i move in ? I wanna rek u all at UNO :^)

    Dippen 2 says:


    Mr Loney says:

    I need this

    kingsoloist says:

    what a waste of money to spend on a team like this…

    MiranDa says:

    1:07 who is blind?

    Yannick says:

    anybody wondering why they didnt show the other side of the body pillow? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Tsheff says:

    Can i join you?

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