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DSA And Chill (Full Run DK Tank PoV)

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  • Here’s a full Veteran Dragonstar Arena run as my T3 Dragonknight tank edited from my stream. While streaming, I go through my thought process and some helpful tips. This isn’t #1 way to run it, but for those people looking for basic tips, this can help you. Thanks for watching!

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    Game: Elder Scrolls Online ESO TESO TES
    ESO Patch 3.2.7 Clockwork
    Character: Twenty-One-Damage, Champion Point 690
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    Neg Neko says:

    Go to hell murdering rapist

    Benni says:

    Wow, saw you last time several months ago. You look awesome!

    dragon blade says:

    i wish i had a actual team thatd be able to run an beat dsa i need a dang master resto so bad

    TeamAllGamers 6969 says:

    Pretty sure you're half the reason I tank still to this day religiously. ZOS queue times fill up the remaining percentages. Stay getting it.

    jay3893550 says:

    Hey deltia had a question for you concerning a build can't find any info on youtube so was hoping you would know, is magicka warden using the succession set any good? Thats what I'm currently running with 3 willpower, any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated

    Morderajzer says:

    This is lit

    Tyler Lange says:

    Do you stream on twitch

    George Talavera says:

    Hey Deltia you should check out Skyforge. I just started playing it and it’s a lot of fun

    Bill Cosby Lemonade says:

    imperial is better because they get more stamina to hold block and more health to survive. all agronian does is give you like 5k resources back which is nothing

    Dan Jonathan says:

    You gonna put up a VMA run during the Wrothgar event?

    Nephi Inglis says:

    I need a DSA squad. All my guildies have already farmed it to death and none of them want to do it again.

    Angelica King says:

    Hey Deltia! Soooo glad your back man!!! Community missed ya! #datjawlinetho

    Matija Bozic says:

    We need this tank build up as soon as possible

    Matija Bozic says:


    Albert Andino says:


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