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► Dream Daddy: Bad Dad Only! ► FINALE ► PART 7 – Kitty Kat Gaming

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    Toby says:

    Show the good ending

    RaymondJ2195 says:

    Did anyone else notice Brian doesn't voice dad meanwhile all the other grumps do even though Brian is the real life father?

    Javelin J says:

    Soooooo this is the infamous KittyKatGaming channel….as expected she does not disappoint, great content girl!

    Tristan Frodelius says:

    Honestly, this is the good ending, compared to the other one.

    Jikyuu says:

    I wasn't expected that 0_0

    some loser says:

    Can you redo it and try to get the good ending?

    Kazuzi3 says:

    I haven't played Dream Daddy in a while, but I'm pretty sure there is an auto save system (at least there used to be), so you could go back to the last date without having to redo everything and just redo that date to get the ending.

    MorganaMoonstone says:

    Oof, that was bad. There's a way to do the last date where you stay under the radar of the tour guide but still keep Robert happy. If you save right beforehand, you can play it a few times to see if you can get the good ending!

    mangaluver1231 says:

    oh man, you didn't even get to see Val

    Mad Motions says:

    God Damn it!

    SuperNoriChan says:

    you need to know his name and do the right bible verse for him to tell you his problems for a good ending

    DaiQuan says:

    You should definitely try doki solo literature club immediately after this lol

    Skylar Iero says:

    You should get his good ending,,

    Emerald says:

    Aww I was hoping you'd get the goos ending

    Camille Raneem says:

    Bummer, the good ending is soooo good

    Karish Mish says:

    NOOO I really was looking forward to you seeing the good ending!

    sugarcaffeine4blood says:

    If you did the ghost tour group perfectly… You go home with him afterwards… To talk. And you stick to talking

    Gekkii says:

    I think the bad ending is because you slept with him in the beginning, isn't it?

    Katie Chaffin says:

    Oh no! I was looking forward to the good ending so much…. maybe I need to play it myself! Thanks for picking up this game again Suzy. I love DDADDS

    Louise E says:

    Uhhh yeah you have to finish this. Sooner than later. I'm hooked.

    Dr. Leaves says:

    welp, that ending was bad indeed xD

    HawkulousGG says:

    I always look forward to that opening. That animation is so cute

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