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Drama Time – Did I Go Too Far?

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    Brandon Joiner says:

    I think its time for a legion transmog comp

    blech71 says:

    I can only imagine the smell of that matted mess of what would be the high mountain VERGUBA

    Jonathan Joestar says:

    The first story was glorious, really threatens to awaken my inner guildbreaker again.
    Maybe I should share some of my degenerate stories some time…

    Christian Neumann says:

    kinda like the wife keep jabbering in the background.. very entertaining

    Hizzer says:

    Dude that first story though was really dark. Like, okay, she lied and made him cry so his revenge was to commit sexual coercion online. Since he was young he may have been blind to the crime, but that doesn't necessarily make him any less of a sexual predator.

    steve angel says:

    Germany and Poland,Korea ,some african country ?

    steve angel says:

    That's a fucking win-win for the guy ,good job xD

    Aeleion54 says:

    So she was a psycho Mei?

    Astrid Clements says:

    first story was just tragic honestly. what a mess

    pharynx007 says:

    to be fair, i am a main tank with a member of my raid muted in discord. although he's just a shit talking hunter who barely talks anyways, so i figure i'm not missing anything i need to hear from him.

    Joe says:

    Hey guys finally got the balls to do my mage tower in my monk…. only took 3 tries on my 920 monk…. so epic. It actually did have me sweating but I wanted at least 20 tried like green fire was.

    TokenOtaku says:

    First date "I love you" I'd reply with "I love me too"

    VidinaSS says:

    Lol be a man and be smug about it? Preach that Ship sailed a long time ago when he cried like a women

    Berks87 says:

    Legit went to the bar 3 hours after watching this and saw someone drinking nuke brown. Came back to post it. Lawl #swill

    pwnzar121 says:

    Did Preach just admit to losing his virginity at 6 years old?

    Rogoth01 The Master Wizard says:

    i'll have you know preach newcy broon is delicious! ya geordie hater!

    Luke B. says:

    The Brexit situation is complete bullshit. "They" want to keep us in the EU, and of course "they" want complete and total control over humanity. It ain't going to be easy to actually leave, it's going to take more than one protest to make it happen properly.

    We're going to stay in the Single Market and leave the EU? How the fuck does that work? Anyone who understands the EU enough will know this is complete bullshit.

    Phelanii says:

    by the end of the first one we got confirmed both fake and gay! KappaPride // \o

    Roki Diolun says:


    zXzJesteszXz says:

    33:30 He had been recording the whole conversation about her lying to the GM and getting him kicked the first time around, he could have used that to potentially get her removed.

    evis says:


    andyboypbc says:

    99.99% repeating is 100% m8

    Suckynewb says:

    Humar the Pridelord is the sexiest damn lion in the game.

    I started playing along with the launch of a brand new server and stopped leveling to camp the spawn that beautiful beast for 3 days. Was 15 or 16 and in school so couldn't camp it 24 hrs at a time and missed several spawns.

    nick de jong says:

    No one shot mechanics that’s the moment you know wow is going casual

    DarthMorhan says:

    "Not in Manchester" ahahahahha

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