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DRAMA IN THE CLUB! | LIFE IS STRANGE – Part 5 (React: Gaming)

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    Teens play Life is Strange! Watch to see their reaction!

    This episode features the following Teens:

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    React Gaming #250 – DRAMA IN THE CLUB! | LIFE IS STRANGE – Part 5 (React: Gaming)


    REACT says:

    So excited to continue the full playthrough of Life is Strange!
    We've heard your note about talking less over the Game Play and informed the reactors. You should see a difference by the time they start Chapter 3. We're learning and we'll continue to do what we can to bring you episodes you love.
    Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing!
    – FBE Team

    Tahirou Garka says:

    Time to troll

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    Meem Shkoul says:

    "1 girl, 1 camera." WTF SETH

    Trixie Hobbitz says:

    Man, I have played too much WoW. When they talk about KEK, I just think that it is what the Alliance sees when an Orc says LOL. I am not proud of this…

    Shawn Moore says:

    Prediction they try to drug max to at the party lol

    Multi Fandom Edits says:

    Her nose was bleeding just like 11 from stranger things

    Emily S says:

    What do u play this game on? Can u just play it on the internet??

    Mark Keller says:

    Panic At The Disco!
    Drama In The Club!

    Taraaque says:

    At this rate they won't be able to save kate

    ThePerrperr says:

    I don't think these kids realize you can rewind during all conversations.

    kurosakii89 says:

    Wait she has clothes on. We gotta keep it PG. Haha

    kurosakii89 says:

    "she look sick" yeah it's no wonder when you have anxiety and are depressed.

    kurosakii89 says:

    If I ever went to a party I would be the guy that sits in the corner =(

    Brad's Ultimate Shenanigans says:

    So is that plant gonna like be the new trump or?

    tenashi 710 says:

    Do the Sims

    Army Trash says:

    "Who's Max?"

    Emily E B says:

    Yall some people look quite a bit younger than they are. Being skinny and shaped like a ruler will do that to you, I would know.

    Andrik Jimenez says:

    Hella cool too see more Life is Strange fans!

    Cornberry says:

    Put the guy in the middle and he gets playful slapped by the two girls lmao

    MariusIoannesP says:

    Wait I'm confused. On the Tumblr, everyone goes nuts shipping Chloe and Max. Isn't that something that happens in the game? They made Max agree to a date with Warren. Did they just derail that?

    6SeaJay6 Seas says:

    Life is really strange……

    Hamni Aminudin says:

    Teens React to ONE OK ROCK – We Are (18 Fes) pls.

    MoawesomeD says:

    If they keep playing like this, Kates' a goner for sure.

    Brian Moore says:

    found it interesting how they don't remember when gas was over 4 dollars/gal. It wasn't that long ago. I happened to have been delivering pizza during that time. Definitely didn't help my bank account. Take your road trips while you can kids! Those prices will be back before we know it.

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