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Dota 2 Team Secret vs Vici Gaming – CD 4.0 Grand Finals

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    Pakerol Z says:

    Second game enigma is shit. Lmao

    vaxanity says:

    Was hoping you would do the highlights from the actual twitch broadcast. Not the lagfest from client. Would of been a reason to watch this over like Noobfumua

    Draenor 08 says:

    Unreal comeback by secret

    Rock Sun says:

    Can we have a music video for Slacks' fantastic ending song

    R3gu says:

    pls switch more between the heros to items and cooldowns, especially when the commentator is mentioning a hero

    RadhyaksaArdaya says:

    Plz giff ability draft showcase

    HelloQro says:

    Game 1 and 3 100% throw

    Kẻ Bán Nụ Cười says:

    wellplay secret … what a play !!!!

    Volodya Kurjanovich says:


    Blackrover H says:

    Man i love sunsfan

    Muhammad Abdurrohman says:

    2 bigest comeback games or 2 bigest throw games? XD

    Abid Kawiswara says:

    Retard morph full agi

    Landon Flaman says:

    Great event, CD is the best mode!

    therodolfool says:

    Zero new heroes?

    aris rahmat says:

    Gg for secret Absolutly i love this ace. Why yapzor always take kills from midone in early ?

    Honeybadger says:


    Daibakuretsu says:

    this game just insane.

    NerdsWrath says:

    Upload the post game stuff plz

    pablo roberto says:

    Ember Spirit rock!

    Pandu Diaz says:

    why the Camera always on kotl yapzor

    kyle rodriguez says:

    That morph REALLY threw game in game 4…. kinda cost them the whole win

    Aldrei Rivera Sy says:

    Damn I love secret

    Ed Gold says:

    starting the vid with a 3-22 kill standing SeemsGood

    Rune Anime says:


    Brad Warner says:

    Secret only had to win 1 game to win the trophy lol

    Le Kritiker says:

    Like if the first 2 minutes were hard to watch .-.

    ezekial says:

    video start with 322 score

    Nicolas Andrade says:

    Let's go secret ! (Boom boom ) let's go secret ( boom boom)

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