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Dota 2 compLexity vs Vici Gaming – CD 4.0 Quarterfinals

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    alphaghoul says:

    So Dota 2 and Smite are having their tournaments at the same time but we haven't heard from Lol in awhile.

    Tan KaiLun says:

    All NA doto lulz

    Bernard Seah says:

    5:15 5:34 5:43 Monkey just doing monkey things… hardly contributed all game, watching from the trees


    Guys check out this track
    Relax – Deep House Music 2018

    Santorini says:

    medusa has no counter

    Ahmad Agha says:

    It's so damn fast

    Adawag says:

    Fucking CoL makes me feel bad for being a fan

    Sleam Naraa says:

    Who's watching it 2017? :))

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