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Dota 2 CD 4.0 – Team Secret vs Vici Gaming – Group Stage Highlights

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    VaginaPingvina says:

    WTF is this AA? 2:39

    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) says:

    More like big boob chrono…

    or whatever.

    dudeitsivan says:

    Can't stand watching a dusa win

    Aquiles Baca says:

    1 million subs and only 6 comments

    Bernard oscarr says:

    Rip this channel

    Samuel Michálek says:

    Lion is so poor in the current meta especially at start. No armor, no health, no damage and he has to get so damn close to land some of his spells (not to mention you can miss Earthspike cause of it's shitty AoE it has.

    akhmed. reza says:

    Medusa balance btw

    Jiki Kiki says:

    Vg outdrafted secret so fucking hard

    Zazen says:

    can u make a separate channel for fucking highlights? or unsub?

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