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Doomsday heist DLC rampage! (360 Video) – GTA Online

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  • Immerse yourself in a (sort of) reaslistic world of GTA in the form of this 360 video, as we go on a rampage in some of the latest vehicles added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC added to GTA Online!

    This video was made by GTA spherical who makes loads of these kinds of things on his own channel! Make sure to follow the link if you wanna support him.

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    Walia X says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! Can you please make more of these? Love you PRG!

    freeshooter 4 says:

    Rhino tank VS khanjali

    Robert Cooling says:

    I could play the game like this

    Master Nico says:

    Who has watched this video with playstation vr too?

    Joe Earl says:

    This is actually really good idea

    Mr Rooibos TV says:

    Très Bien. (I'm not French, I'm just trying to sound classy)

    Jevans says:

    This looks rather weird with a phone that doesnt support 360 view

    robin vangeel says:

    Vigilante or deluxo?

    James steggy says:

    That. Is. EPIC

    Anwar Ullah says:

    how is this possible?

    punch3870 says:

    i just have one question:

    how is one able to make a 360 degree video in GTA?

    Jebrey says:

    like if dope

    Live Gamer Online says:

    More vídeos 360

    maro baham says:

    Hey guys. I had an good sport award massage when i first got into gta online but i didnt pay attention for what ive been awarded and it sucks not knowing wat u have been giving do some1 knows ? Or some1 has been awarded too ? Please tell me wats the unlocks or the gifts

    ArthurRobertson says:

    Could you livestream with this???

    MariuzZz182 says:


    ziyougong Original says:

    How the fuck did you do this

    GreenEyedMonster says:

    How did u do it

    Shiwam DHN says:


    Dawn Bushaway says:

    Aaaahhhh what's going on with this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

    Kyle Jeffery says:

    That's sick

    ManFroMtheFuturE says:

    What a load of shit and people liked it OMG.put some effort in ffs.

    Specter Anchor says:

    Keep up the good work man

    REDxMARKx ' says:

    how is this a thing

    Jean Moulin3945 says:

    Doesnt work on mobile 🙁

    Dat Dud In The Back says:

    How did you even record this? Wtf? Is it a mod?

    StarscreamTG says:

    Holy shit what kind magic is this?!

    Jonas says:

    How can you record 360 degrees in GTA?

    Jonas says:

    How can you record 360 degrees in GTA?

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