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Doomsday heist #3 – The doomsday scenario guide – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I run you through completing all the setup missions and the heist finale of the third heist “The doomsday scenario” in the doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online!

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    The aroma is a bit too special says:

    I got raped by a moose

    Carlos Luiz says:

    In the agent 14 mission you could just use the half track(light/medium armour plating), it can tank the miniguns very well and its machine gun can kill them very quickly

    FrLouis says:

    These missions don't look like fun at all, I think I'll just use the buy now option for the jetpack or whatever else I wanna get rather than go through the hassle of these shitty missions

    Lassis says:

    In the escort ulp mission is best with four people one in the ramp car and two in the chernobog and the other person in the ramp car can either use the ramp car or drive to the military base and steal a jet since you can't get a wanted level make sure that the person driving the jet is experienced

    Adolf Shitler says:

    Did this heist I'm lv 82, my friend I did it with was lvl 17, I dropped my special carbine and heaps of ammo for him and we got right up to the hacking part where he was hopeless at hacking, so I did it and after the first hack I check the player list he's lvl 19, after the final hack cunts level 30

    Jelly Doughnut says:

    Make a review on the 2 new trucks

    Brandon says:

    I was able to use my kuruma to kill the juggernauts, stay in it until the cutscene.

    Brandon says:

    Spoiler alert, everyone dies, oh wait that's rogue one.

    Andre Liv says:

    i knew the rich dude was a double crosser

    dedly kuin says:

    sentinel review next. the car looks good tho

    Sandra Simonson says:

    Your late on a video you know

    Lyndon Habersham Jr says:

    Could you go through the heist with the Juggernaut suit equipped

    One shot kill Gaming says:

    It let me keep my thing there

    Michael Arthur says:

    Act 3 made me really appreciate the weaponized tampa it really helps with tearing through the setups

    Nelson Arcos says:

    Happy Christmas

    FeaR Reaper says:

    I recommend people just do doomsday with two people since the pay is way better it’s also not that hard

    Nico Castro says:

    Did you really had to FUCKING SPOIL THE FUCKING HEIST???

    Hector Herrera says:

    Can some one help mr eith this hiest im on xbox one gt is topbattledoom no low levels

    Shooter says:

    Your GTAO Character looks like Agent 14

    7ussain -D says:

    The payout ??

    Xx_The gamer dude _xX says:

    Bring back GTA lab plz

    Vasco Palha says:

    Use the Combat MG in the finale to headshot everyone, use the minigun to kill the juggernauts, and in the setups, just use the kuruma for most

    Hedning1390 says:

    On the final mission enemies can't shoot at you while hacking, so try and rush to start the hack. That will take the pressure off the other person as some get stuck aiming, but not shooting, at the hacker.

    The hardest part (with 2 people) is getting up to the second floor since you cannot clear enough enemies to make the run safe. There is a spawning room just up the first set of stairs to the right of the entrance where you can heal up. It is a short run, but still extremely dangerous with how much damage enemies can do in a short time. If you get there taking a detour through the top floor is recommended as there initially won't be any enemies there.

    If you are 3 or more the later stage becomes incredibly easy as the 3rd person can make their way to the next hack so that someone is always hacking. It is not recommended with 2 as the gathering of enemies aiming at the hacker will start shooting as soon as the hack is done, so someone needs to protect him.

    Crubleigh says:

    For the agent 14 mission you can totally use the kuruma and it won't blow up. I was concerned about this when my friend suggested we get in it but he said he had been using it as cover for the juggernauts the entire first half of the battle. We then just drove it straight into the juggernauts no problem. I don't think they use "real" miniguns because we were under fire from 2 different guys for a solid minute and the kuruma wasn't even smoking. Another tip is to take note of where the first 2 waves of juggernauts spawn and then place sticky bombs there before making contact with agent 14. If the sticky bombs don't outright kill them in one hit it will at the very least severely weaken them.

    larryfarkas says:

    You Rule!!!

    Tyler Hunter says:

    Invincible juggernauts? oh shit…

    Braydenator says:

    I did the heist on hard with one other person and it was dam hard

    CoonTheLSCrook says:

    And now we wait for a "10 TRICKS YOU DIDN'T KNOW IN THE DOOMSDAY HEIST DLC" from mrbossftw including your guide

    Marwan Awane says:

    I'm in setup 2 act 3

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