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Doomsday heist #2 – The Bogdan problem guide – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I give you a rundown of the second heist in the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online, I give you some tips and tricks to completing the setup missions as well as the heist finale.

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    Minton Eriksson says:

    Every mission is easy with mods 😛

    Zak Ras says:

    United Liberty Paper
    United Liberty Paper Contact

    Seriously Pyre-Realm, play GTA 4 and it's DLC's sometime, best story out of the HD era.

    RChelicopter22 says:

    You’re all bugged up to high hell and you don’t even know the bugs exist!

    Joshan Beryar says:

    I do this everyday or every second day easy 1mil everyday

    Tristi says:

    the Lack of using 1st person in tight spaces is triggering beyond anything :p

    Fladi says:

    I just finished the final with my best friend 1st try and i loved this new heists! I would like to see more of them. xD

    RR II says:

    The second heist kinda reminds me of CS:GO

    Daniel says:

    I almost finished the avenger mission on the hangar we were out of that stupid hangar then my console froze completely

    SoldMyExOnAmazon Lzz says:

    Now you're saving ULP -_-

    Daniel Lee Willis says:

    Anyone wanna give me some modded money on Xbox One?

    Donghyuk Kim says:

    are u really a scuba diver irl?

    [DW] NeonMarksman says:

    spoiler alert: avon and cliffford are the enemies and they end up betraying your team and attempt to wipe humanity, sucks pyrealm didn't mention the most interesting part of the entire dlc lol

    Mantiis says:

    If anyone want to help me out with The Bogdan Problem heist setups and heists. I will happily help you back and know that I will be very grateful. If you are interested send your gamertag and I will invite.

    Jesse Smoke says:

    Pyrerealm, just a thought, would you eventually upload a review of the pariah? I'm anxious to hear your reaction to how fast it is


    So no car reviews?

    KhoiKO says:

    A level 40 and 50 was in prison heist with me. And lvl 40 was demolition lvl 50 was pilot. And they got into one car and drove to the prison lol. When I told them that they can’t even read the damm text or listen to Lester or look at map waypoint. One guy left. Thank god. Cause they prob gonna keep dying. Welcome to gta heist.

    KingCash363 says:

    For the avenger setup I recommend pacing the left wall, stay on the bottom floor until majority of ppl are dead, and check all corner. Then advance up the stairs on the left and look for the railings with plates on them to take cover. From there thermal sniper scope is key to success. As a couple of bonus pointers: Don’t roll be cuz that’s the same button as jump so you might end up vaulting the railing and painting the floor red causing embarrassment and depression (learned that the hard way), do it with ppl that have mics,don’t use grenade launchers because that shit will ricochet the fuck out of you (learned that the hard way…. many.. many… MANY times. hmmm I never learn don’t i?)

    Tyler Hunter says:

    online is based b4 the story just so u know

    Dragon_Slayer556 says:

    can you PLEASE do the Khanjali VS APC

    Usernameunknown 333 says:

    Pls do a review on the ocelot pariah

    gio_510R 1 says:

    One thing to pass don't get friends or people who cant be serious about the mission who already have money

    R0ck star Gam3z says:

    Fuck is this mw3 the second mission


    i hate salvage hard drive

    TheFlamingGamerZx says:

    When are you going to the rest of the vehicles

    G3N3R41 P4TT0N says:

    ULP if im correct, stands for United Liberty Paper. that was the name of the contact in niko's phone if im not mistaken

    Timmy_the_cat50 says:

    Avenger is easy if your a good shot with a thermal heavy sniper

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