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Doomsday heist #1 – The data breaches guide – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I give you a general run down of things you need to keep in mind when undertaking the first Doomsday heist DLC heist, “The data breaches” This covers the 3 setup missions “dead courier”, “signal intercepts” and “server farm” as well as the finale itself

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    ali k says:

    stuck on final need help on ps4 my gamer tag is alikamyab

    jamesip28 says:

    "take it nice and slow"- Pyrealm gaming
    *takes the fastest firing gun possible in the game*

    p0tnudl3 Gaming says:

    Yo pyerealm you HAVE to make an "if police used doomsday vehicles

    Krazy Kool says:

    Omg I thought I was the only one who thought the guys wouldn’t fucking die

    Troll Face says:

    What does smh mean?

    CreeperPL says:

    TL DR
    take your time

    Joseph Meyer says:

    In the 3rd setup there was a player trolling us. I dont actually know how do we have finished that thing

    Ibrahim khalid says:

    Car review?????

    Gruntspartan500 0 says:

    Good job. You have another Subscriber!

    VIOTENSITY says:

    Anyone know how much ya get for act 2 and 3

    Crazy Crab says:

    0:09 orgasm

    Mother Russia says:

    On signal intercept with the boats, reverse towards the boats. You won’t get hit and you’re speed is slower than when driving forwards, almost matching the boats

    FrLouis says:

    Why do I not even feel slightly inclined to start doing this heist…

    - Y.Khalifa.Gamer - says:

    Have you considered being a comedian. Seriously though it's refreshing watching entertaining videos of actual good YouTube's who don't clickbait

    Poendasie says:

    Pyrealm is my bae/city

    dank me-mayss says:

    How much money did you get from the first heist???

    Jill Rowell says:

    Do a live stream on all the doomsday heists.

    Voltxic says:


    pro_potato says:

    I am fining a Crew to play the heist together , if you are interested add me on social club : pro_potato, PC version

    roman says:

    I have done all doomsday heist in hard from act 1 to act 2 and i have 2 more heists to do to be in act 3!

    V.D. says:

    So has anyone figured out a way to do this easy? I've completed the entire heist acts but I'm trying to do this in Criminal Mastermind now. Which leaves me wondering if anyone found a way to push trough all Acts without dying. I've done the Criminal Mastermind on the older heists but considering the Utility Vest doesn't seem to improve your damage resistance like it did on older heists I have no idea how to prevent dying after peeking my head over cover for 2 seconds.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    LOL LOL says:

    I'm on act 3

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