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Dinosaur Island: T-Rex Games | Eftsei Gaming

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  • Features:
    – Six destinations from desert to snowy mountains
    – Seven Jurassic dinosaurs

    Set off for all-new island adventure with Dinosaur Island: T-REX! Little Dinosaur wanders off and Daddy Dinosaur goes in search of his little one. With charming music, challenges, prizes and surprises along the way, Dinosaur Island explores island life, friends, family and a colorful dinosaur world. Choose from six dinosaurs and many more adventures as you venture off for fun and exploration on Dinosaur Island. Jump, climb and soar on your way to a happy dino reunion.


    Eftsei Gaming says:

    00:08 T-Rex Island
    03:36 Triceratops Island
    06:35 Velociraptor Island
    10:50 Stegosaurus Island
    13:43 Pachycephalosaurus Island
    18:06 Little Velociraptor Island

    Kids Game Watch says:

    Very Nice Video

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