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Diddy Kong – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. TheCartoonGamer

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    In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of Diddy Kong! Diddy Kong first appeared alongside Donkey Kong in in Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo (SNES) by Rare, but has since appeared in many games such as Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS, as well as his very own title, Diddy Kong Racing. Through our analysis of the charcter, the gameplay and beta builds of their games, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of Diddy Kong and have this DK character’s history explained.

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    Video by TheCartoonGamer

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    Landon Butler says:

    3:01 What is the name of that music

    Lain says:

    Why is Mumkey narrating this video

    Ramona Martinez says:

    if Luigi can get a year why not Diddy Kong?

    Chris Auer says:

    1:56 there are some quality titles in there "DKC 2 – More of the same" would have been great i think

    newageBoundhippie says:

    did you know…that unlike Donkey Kong's girlfriend Candy, Diddy's girlfriend Dixie is still extremely relevant & popular? lol

    Amy O says:

    1:58 Diddy's Desperate Search For A Good Name For His Game

    The Amazing Moneyz3 says:

    "Diddy's Quest for a Decent Name for his Game" i love it

    WashingtonCarver says:

    Id wear a replica of Diddy's hat

    Guardian says:

    Diddy you know gaming

    Two Girls, One Cuphead says:

    I ‘ M D I D D Y

    H O H A

    Mortisk says:

    You didn't answer the most important question though…. WHAT THE HELL IS HE POINTING AT!

    RoastingPotPieMonkey says:

    diddy kong racing with the shit, i loved that game and starfox 64.

    Randall Dodson says:

    I wished Nintendo still owned Rare

    bung holeo says:

    Diddy can't be an ape if he has a tail

    SmashLiXs says:

    it's kind of amazing that dixie kong is still not in smash bros

    Nikki Roessler says:

    Diddy Kong is such an awesome DK series character 🙂

    Fun fact: In real life when it was the summer solstice this year, I actually sounded like Diddy Kong from the Donkey Kong Country CGI cartoon series.

    Nintennerd / N10NRD says:

    Everything about Nintendo and Rare's relationship and ownership of characters is really interesting! I remember when people argued that King K Rool didn't show up in DKC Returns or Tropical Freeze or even Smash Bros simply because Rare owned the rights to the character. (Ignoring the fact that he had shown up in the Mario Baseball games) Even the pin on Dixie's hat was something I never really thought about and, although it's such a tiny detail, is a shame that the pin was removed.

    deanky! says:

    awful horrible wretched APE

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