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  • The CORSAIR Wireless product family, with Unplug and Play Technology gives you all the speed and power you’ve come to expect from our wired gear… and all the freedom you never knew could come with it.

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    Jacob Sackter says:

    Hey Corsair, My K95 Platinum Is not working. The RGB Lights and Profiles are working correctly but my keys are not responsive. The Caps Lock and Scroll lock Lights are also both illuminated. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Joako says:

    It isnt Corsair if it has not any RGB 🙁

    Robbe Vlaeminck says:

    guys, you forgot a "T" in your description 🙂 Nice video tho!
    EDIT: thanks for crediting me you ungraceful fucks!

    Paul Moon says:

    why did corsair hired sasuke to do the voice of their new product?

    JellyScrub says:

    Is it really wireless if you still have a wire attached to the mousepad?

    kushal penugonda says:

    so the headphone is also wireless.

    Kallnar says:

    Does corsair get a deal on MX Red keys? Why are they exclusive to so many boards?

    Kallnar says:

    About the keyboard: Is it MX Red only? And are they actually offering a RGB K63, because previously it's only red lighting. Red switches and red lighting. Both are deal breakers for me.

    Murat Batuhan Şener says:

    Is he SGW3's vocalist ?

    Julius Walther says:


    Sities Skylines says:

    Sry but logitech did it first

    Juan Marquina says:

    Que buenos perifericos, no me regalan asi sea solo mouse 😀

    Tarvo says:

    Why does he play his screen closed?

    TrostanYT says:

    Wireless will never be as good as wired in the near future!

    PB's Computerz says:

    I like my wires but this is cool nonetheless

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