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Corsair’s Wireless Gaming Peripheral Line-up!

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  • Corsair has some pretty cool wireless gaming peripherals coming out!
    Thanks to Corsair and HardwareCanucks for my CES 2018 Coverage.

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    Jordan Sheehan says:

    @randomfrankp you staying at The LINQ?

    Tee Black says:

    I feel like this has potential but they kinda fell short compared to logitech

    Tuan Hoang Minh says:

    still that ugly "gamery" font…why Corsair? why did you go from the clean looking one (before the LUX RGB) to this ugly ass font?

    Francis Tapiador says:

    if only corsair changes their fonts :/

    ReacH says:

    0:23 linus 😀

    Zoku Banniganz says:

    Hey Randomfrankp,

    I’m not sure if you know this or not but there is a company using your B roll from one of your videos where you showcased those cool Pokémon crystal balls. The company’s name is Action Gadget. If you want pictures, I took screenshots of the ad. Really hope they didn’t just rip your footage from your channel

    Riyane Faysal says:

    Plz do best gaming setups of 2018

    yashkaran singh says:

    Hey frank could you please review the razer basilisk mouse….is it worthy to switch from g502 proteus spectrum?

    Mr. Nobody says:

    1mil before the end of 2018

    Steven Marshall says:

    I want that keyboard and lapdog but why couldn’t they include a usb spot to use a wired mouse on the lapdog? I play MMO’s and need that 12 button button setup on the side of my mouse and there is nothing good wirelessly for MMO mouses.

    KenwolfMC says:

    right as i bought the k63 and i hate the red backlight, do you think that corsair will finally make a wristrest for the k63?

    ZuoX says:


    XII XXI says:

    Corsair > Razer

    Caidus says:

    I would love a corsair board with topre switches

    Zishawn Malik says:

    Fuck, I just bought logitech g502… Guess I have to buy that too now

    Luckshot says:

    Out of all the peripherals on display, the mousepad is the one with a wire.

    Craig Stanfield says:

    How do i send you a picture of my setup

    Rocket League God says:

    you look like one of my friends and i get really uncomfortable every time i watch a video

    Ben Lee says:

    Razer or Corsair?

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