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CES 2018 GIVEAWAY! Win a GTX 1080 Ti or MSI Gaming Laptop!

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  • Another new year, another CES, and another giveaway on the GeForce Channel. To celebrate all the new announcements from CES 2018, we’re giving away ten GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s and an MSI GS63VR 7RG Stealth Pro gaming laptop.

    To qualify, just make sure you’re subscribed to the NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel and comment on any of our CES 2018 videos and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.

    CES 2018 Sweepstakes Terms & Condition:

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    Acidix says:

    I really want a msi gaming laptop, ive been saving all year and barely got the money to get it. I been told by my carers that i wont be able to get a pc but ill be able to get a laptop if i tried if i ever get it ill be so thankfull and recommend you guys to all my friends!!

    Hamish Sin says:

    Holy Jesus thats over $10,000 worth of stuff how can the company afford this. Honestly tho I really wanna win

    Alux says:

    That would mean a lot to me if I would be one of those who won because I'm currently saving to a new gaming pc.
    And it would be really fun to get a really good graphics card.

    Wildzzzz says:

    1080Ti Hype :O

    Giulia Basevi says:

    Want a 1080ti so much I've started watching YouTube! Pweeeease! VR is the future!

    Milan Bonten says:

    i mean who doesn't want a 1080 TI

    Aaron Rowlands says:

    1080Ti is awesome!

    Jaiman 17 says:

    yo man . I'd love to have a 1080

    Edthekilekiller says:

    Never won anything in my life, hoping to win the 1080

    IGamefourty4 says:

    Wow, already I haven't got a pc so is the first time that I can have one, thanks and gl for everyone

    Fa Al says:

    I want that msi laptop.. in fact I want both of them.. 🙂

    and thank you for this giveaway, even if I didn't win…

    Man Man says:

    Hope i win i have a core too dou.

    Joan Casahuga says:

    I hope to win a Gtx 1080 😀

    Direwolf2000 says:

    Take my money!

    PeterDerBeste says:

    need this, with the current price rises 😛

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