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Boy Band Gaming Music Video! (Dear Ryan)

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    Thank you to Arden for being in this!

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    Josh-lee Parlour says:

    Dear ryan is water wet

    fatimaa khaaan says:

    Dear Ryan will you recreate havana

    Ethan's gaming channel says:

    Dear Ryan are you gay

    Kerry Broad says:

    Dear Ryan can you do all the dances from fortnite?

    betty maseko says:

    Dear ryan can u act like a dog

    Hiếu Hoàng Minh says:

    "PUBG COPYRIGHT" I fuckin lost it

    Kate Boonzaier says:

    this is everything omg :')

    Sweet Donut says:

    Dear Ryan , can you rap like Nicki Minaj ?

    HI IM REE says:

    Dear Ryan, Please Deer Ryan

    kavi ninjadiy says:

    You guys are so amazing at the lyrics. I love this video.

    Lucy Heartfilia says:

    Dear Ryan can u and ur crew act out a music video from Taylor Swift's new album?

    Niloufar says:

    wait…why isn't ryan wearing his matching necklace with sean and wearing a ring instead???

    Tara chand Arya says:

    dear Ryan, can you kiss greg

    Lucas Watson says:

    Dear Ryan could you do gay yoga positions with your friends?

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