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BIG 4K 120Hz Gaming Displays & GeForce NOW! NVIDIA at CES 2018

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  • BIG 4K 120Hz Gaming Displays & GeForce NOW! NVIDIA at CES 2018

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    THE MAD TECHIE says:

    Considering that almost all cable services providers require the use of a digital desktop box or tuner card to decrypt the signal there really is no need to place a tuner in modern TVs they should save the money in manufacturing and move it towards better signal processing so you can have faster displays just give them several HDMI and display port inputs.

    Genesis25 says:

    Now we can't laugh about those guys that were asking where can they download a video card

    Vin S says:

    If Nvidia throws this on Linux, it'll be absolutely huge. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

    Brian Wilhelm says:

    Grand Tour is a must watch!!

    MrSnowmobiling says:

    I'm so glad everyone's calling big fucking gaming displays 🙂 Big format gaming displays…

    Nah m8

    Big Fucking Gaming Displays

    Judge Dredd says:

    In the meanwhile, we get better monitors, pc's, whatever, but to what purpose? What was the last game that came out for pc which was incredible in gameplay, replay value, story, character and has multiplayer?

    ShallowDepression says:

    This is 120hz, this can do 3D. If you haven't checked out the Trine games in 3D, totally amazing implementation of the tech (finallly).

    ZBlu says:

    Good news all around!

    RDJ3SUS says:

    Did anyone else notice they had a wyvern in the abberation map on ark…….. Wow guys No flyers map and first thing you bring in is a wyvern

    nixtc says:

    Nvidia listened to Linus great… now i don't quite understand how that is going to influence or increase the minuscule % of non professional gamers that actually spend 4k or more on just their screen, but hey lets not make numbers spoil the hype 😉

    M4TT EXE says:

    and…. NIVIDA want's to kill our wallets per usual love ya paul <3

    Ninja Dave says:

    You nailed it Paul, it REALLY stands for Big F#%^* Gaming Display, they knew what they were doing when they named it BFGD lol

    Skott62 says:

    I'm more interested in a 43"-49" model tbh

    Marcin Maslowski says:

    Where are the asus and acer monitors from last ces.

    Major says:

    Those displays will cost your firstborn

    SLHD says:

    Make a 1440p g-sync ips large screen. fuck 4k

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