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BFGD: These Huge Gaming Displays are the Talk of CES 2018!

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  • Earlier this week we announced our new gaming monitors appropriately referred to as Big Format Gaming Displays. These 4K screens come with everything you’d expect from a quality display on top of having an NVIDIA Shield built in – so streaming your favorite PC games and using your favorite VoD applications will only be a remote click away.

    To celebrate CES 2018 we’re giving away ten GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s and an MSI gaming laptop!

    GeForce host Julian Huguet:

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    Dylan Janssen says:

    This screen is huge and looks very good. I hope that I win one of those giveaways!!

    Nik Ouji says:

    I need that monitor on my living room later on haha

    Torben Moholt says:

    Building my new pc in may, great video

    Fixkidlife 0 says:

    God those are one huge gaming screen

    Stefuuz says:

    price is gonna be like 1999$

    Nikolay Borisov says:

    BFGD will be my next TV

    Dylan Kim says:

    a real game changer for cinematic games like the witcher and rise of the tomb raider 4k hdr would really make those already beautiful landscapes look like a creation of god

    Michael Wartnaby says:

    Lol I see what you did there 😉 nice throwback to Doom! Also, need one of these in my life!

    Marcos Pérez says:

    Thank you for CDs coverage!

    Zach Edwards says:

    I love how much you do for your community! I would love to win that 1080 ti!

    René Van Der Zijden says:

    I hope to win a GTX 1080 ti

    jRN0 says:

    Finally good gaming TV, thank you nvidia.

    Ishaan Wanikar says:


    Matowski says:

    This thing bigger than my TV…

    Alejandro Ferrera says:

    nvidia monitor!! this is incredible

    MvpAwesome says:

    LOl it would be amazing for gaming

    Bob Olem says:

    Just a guy commenting for 1080ti

    StealthPlayz says:

    All the possibilities with this if you know what I mean


    Epic_Jake says:

    These look awesome

    Puridio says:

    I wish to win a gtx 1080 Ti

    3N3RM4X says:

    Good if you want to enjoy games' visuals but who likes competition won't use this as his main monitor… Too big to be competitive

    Mr Gamer says:

    always been the fan of nvidia

    Mr Gamer says:

    love nvidia

    Mr Gamer says:

    nvidia the name defines all! Would love 2 win.

    Beep & Crash says:

    imagine 3 of these

    Mr Gamer says:

    NVIDIA is the best!!! wants to the giveaway!

    OliTo says:

    Pretty cool m8

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