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Best Nintendo Switch Gaming Headset!

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  • Best headset for Nintendo Switch that lets you hear gameplay and chat–The Arctis!
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    And if you want to grab the headset, go here!

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    Kevin Kenson says:

    Switch Giveaway is still going on, don't miss out!

    Johan Thomsen says:

    Artics 3 bluetooth headset? Then It's not even a 3 anymore but a 5 with No light

    Rayzone1 1 says:

    I need that fucking shirt

    Nico Kart says:

    Why didn't they put a headphone jack on the joy cons?

    Fyre Nexus says:

    You deserve way more than 25K subs You Should have over 2M you have helpful vids with a great 1440p resolution and you deserve more subs

    Ebichu says:

    ADD ME ON SWITCH!! 2718-8610-6310 will add everyone!!!!!

    Shiny says:

    The headset is 147.00 !! Who has that kind of money?

    Jed Santos says:

    my gameboy color was the same color as your switch back in the day loool

    Luke Pereyra says:

    Totally worth $150 for a headset to just have audio and voice chat honestly I don’t even know why it is a big deal to hear both through the same headphones unless u don’t want sound to be heard by anyone else

    YonduMan says:

    That t shirt tho <3

    Death2 Fuktards says:

    All i know is if that was a skatepark behind you in one of the scenes i wanna skate it.


    Omg I hope I win the switch the for making this possible Kevin I have have wanted a switch forever and finally have a chance to get one

    DJordydj says:

    In case someone is interested, I found a way using the XBOX ONE. If you and your friends have both Switch and XBOX ONE systems, using the XBOX ONE HDMI IN port, all of you can use the XBOX ONE controler for an XBOX party chat while playing the Switch with its controller.
    It's not perfect but it's still better that anything else right now.
    And BTW the XBOX ONE S and X have cool reescalating when playing low res games on a 4K TV, so, it's way better that connecting the Switch directly to its own TV HDMI port.

    Mother Brain says:

    The Logitech G933 also does this, but only for PC since it doesn't have bluetooth.

    Alex Ferreira says:

    Ear reveal at 500,000 subs?

    Liza Jamal says:

    Can I have your Nintendo switch

    Masud Ali says:

    When I subscribed to your channel you had only 2k subs. Now you have 214k. You are my favorite Youtuber. May Allah bless you.

    sad1Q says:

    What good games are unique to the switch?

    The Original Gamer 215 says:

    you can use a ps4 bluetooth headset for the switch by plugging the usb

    YourBoiAbdullah says:

    145 comment

    Hernan Gomez says:

    Hey Kevin i just wanted to say that i love your videos because i am thinking of getting a nintendo switch thanks

    Riley Pearce says:

    Fuck your unskippable ads.

    trainman58 says:

    Were can i get that shirt its awesome.

    GetRektMeme says:

    ngl im not sad about no voicechat cause i have no friends to talk to.

    Scully Andrea says:

    And that is why you fail.

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