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Barrage review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I take a look at the Barrage! A fast attack vehicle added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online!

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    Manthos Tessas says:

    Do u need a facility to purchase the barage?

    Tarek Ghali says:

    Hello ,I was just wondering can it tow an anti craft trailer?! thx.

    Brethem Jackson says:

    You play with CGH OMG two best gta channels

    Vaishak Velu says:

    I think this vehicle is better than the insurgent pickup custom for heists because it can do a lot more damage to enemy npc’s and their vehicles and is also a bit faster and more nimble it may not have proximity mines but in heists it doesn’t matter because you can’t use proximity mines in heists anyway. I would still say the insurgent pickup custom better for free roam though as it can use proximity mines, offers more protection and can carry more people.

    Daniel Calvo Pérez says:

    I can't even shot my gun while I'm driving! And it has no proximity mines as my Insurgent does. Is a shame,because it's a cool vehicle. How can I shoot my weapon being the driver?

    speggi and gerbils says:

    if you can put a grenade launcher on the back it would be nice, for taking out pursuers.

    Paul Kioseοglou says:

    Insurgent pick up custom vs Barrage!!!

    EL ZACHI says:

    I love the car not the price

    Andre Tapo says:

    I'm getting it. NOTHING can make me change my mind

    k3431D3 says:

    Why is there not a car yet that can withstand a few rockets AND be bulletproof (like the kuruma)

    BadBunny08 says:

    if you dont have much cash in gta v this is a good buy tbh

    Tomastary says:

    Review the comet safari please ps: it has guns

    Super Comics Studios says:

    TM-02 Khanjali vs Rhino Tank

    Fabián Véliz D'Angelo says:

    can you run heists on it?

    Fadil Mujezin says:

    It reminds me of the warthog from halo

    Darkness says:

    you and CGH do great videos

    Banannaface101 says:

    can u review the pfitser safari

    SteakPie Gaming says:

    Personal vehicle or nah?

    jifdog says:

    Can it tow?

    TheFleetAdmiral says:

    You can also fit a grenade launcher on the back instead of the gun!

    dank dank says:

    That gun go skraaaa

    Turkey says:

    It's cool to see you collaborating with CGH he is chill as fuck

    TV HEAD 707 says:

    JAK X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ahvike124 says:

    No proximity mines?

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