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Autarch review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I take a look at the Overflod Autarch supercar added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online! I see if its worth the near 2 million dollar asking price that the game is asking for by testing its performance, handling and if itl beat some of the other top supercars for GTA Online racing!

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    Ballet Dreams says:

    Can you test and see if Yacht Defenses can protect you from an orbital strike?

    Jamie Sharpe says:

    Love the fact that you use the old grand turismo 321 start sound

    sergio de la calle says:

    All these cars look semi ok only cuz half of them look the same on the outside but there all the same to me period gta reminds me of a used car salesman

    oliver stewart says:

    Psychologist enterprise closet connect student marketing honor approve pollution.

    wealthyglobe638 says:

    I'm kinda done with GTA 5 been playing for years but seems like it's becoming a pay to win game πŸ™

    pigslap says:

    That runway test basically tests acceleration from a stop. That doesn't really happen much in stunt races

    PJ and the Craxfords says:

    No ones probably going to care because it's not a "new" car, but the massacro is severely underrated. With double clutching it can outdrag a zentorno (provided both cars are fully upgraded). It has lots of customisation and even a street variant if you want that clean look. Best part is it doesn't cost 2mill+

    马ιͺ‹δΊ‘ says:

    Pyrerealm are you broke? You only have 200k of cash now

    BoopsForDayz says:

    And here we are waiting for the Hermes review…

    _repcaK_ says:


    Life of The game says:

    Dud I want to know how u collect this much money

    Cormac Gibson says:

    you should play rainbow six seige

    M Son says:

    Hi. Something that I believe non Gta tuber have gone down with fully is all equipments what they do. For an example I think I feel in Koruma that the big ugly wing yes the biggest do more downforce, or if I dress a car maximum in carbon it's feel more lightweight. Likewise what cars do get changes with the off-road tyres? Please can't you make a real deep video on this matters? πŸ™‚

    Quantaztic _ says:

    almost at 200k!

    RUNBOW GTA 5 says:

    i love ur content but ur customisation is bs

    Pie realm says:

    Pirerealm you should do another epic battles of GTA kanjalhi vs. APC

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