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ARK: Survival Evolved – TAMING NEW DINOSAURS!! (Ark Scorched Earth)

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  • Taming new desert dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved Scorched Earth! ARK Scorched Earth episode 3 with Typical Gamer!
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    Description of ARK: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth on Steam: “Scorched Earth takes ARK players to an entirely new land, composed of six unique, desert themed biomes – dunes, high desert, mountains, canyons, badlands and oasis – each with their own aesthetic and ecosystem. Littered with ruins, geysers, and intricate ancient cave systems, survivors will find a whole new frontier to explore and master.”

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    Typical Gamer says:

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!! If you enjoyed the video be sure to LIKE + SUBSCRIBE for MORE! 😀

    Genivy Daniela Victorio says:

    I hate mincraft

    Tami Weldon says:

    Is he playing anything else today

    Holly Johnson says:

    Can plz sub to my channel

    mukul barhanpure says:

    i have a complaint on ragnarok that u just tme creatueres and then u do use that

    Noahatphillipine vlogs says:


    Lark Azada says:

    miku was on wandering

    Alex2330 21 says:

    Are these graphics and does it look more relestic than the other one
    or it just me

    EL Kerry says:

    Name him TYPICAL shock


    tg please do the smugller dlc

    Dylan Reasor says:

    Typical gamer you are the best YouTube ever and can you do more far cri primal please

    Anjal Lovely says:

    today is my birthday so hit like for tg every body

    HyugaBy GT says:

    Tame 2 raptors

    Tina Adeowo says:

    Your the best

    not a pro says:

    All in favor for tg to do a diss track say i

    legitboy 21102 says:

    tame a carno

    R. D. says:

    Typical Gamer I dare you to get a small animal(jerboa, compy, the small bird thing you named Terry) and level them up so that their health and melee damage are jacked

    Sebastian Carr says:

    Tp if you want a lot of metal you should defeat the wild rock elemental it's a lower type of boss but it is a giant rock you can find him near the mountains he is pretty power full if you kill him he turns into a soled object and then you mine him you get around 300 to 200 metal and a bunch of other materials

    Motorbusgaming Motorbusgaming says:

    When u doing pvp? Official

    Raphael Lorenzo Celeste-Sison says:

    Hello typical gamer

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