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Another Overwatch Clone

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  • Please make it stop.

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    LiK says:

    What if Hanzo and McCree became one?

    Josh Abraham says:

    Drake meme at 4:30

    Bad Max says:

    youtube tagged this as overwatch game 😀

    Jesse says:

    There was a drake meme on their facebook page 4:27

    xXSeal FactsXx says:

    But why isn't this on Apple devices?

    Hana Song says:

    Well. McHanzo has come true. The ship has sailed. Finally. 🙂 I don't know why I like this ship. But I love McHanzo.

    Eric Dalton says:

    the soilder guy looks like outfoxed


    Its also a paladins clone

    MrWaffleBannanas says:

    This game low key actually looks pretty good…

    EveningFantasy says:

    Can't blizzard sue?.

    GallonHat Pat says:

    These are so sad lmfao

    kermit says:

    This is pathetic their litteraly exact copy's pretty much lmao

    furpjurpers says:

    since when was markiplier in a game

    He Zhang says:

    This game looks shit. This is just Crossfire remodeled into Overwatch.

    Hui L says:

    mczo and solderya67 lol

    That1Phantom says:

    this isnt a overwatch clone its a minecraft clone duhhh

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