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An ALL-AMD Gaming PC from DELL??

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  • Pre-built desktops – they’ve always been less than ideal, but can AMD’s comeback bring them back to relative relevance?

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    Darkened Cause says:

    watching that plastic peeling is orgasmic
    Linus should pin this

    Treasure Bandit says:

    Slams the computer for 80% of the video then wants you to buy it. Let me help some of you out. If you cannot afford the much more expensive PC setups that Linus keeps comparing this budget machine to, then this dell will be a great machine for you to buy. It can be upgraded in the future. Seems like anymore if it doesn't breath fire and cost 4 months wages it isn't worthy of a good review. It is a BUDGET computer FFS. That is like buying a Prius and expecting it to run like a Lambo. Oh and FUCK TunnelBear. They suck the big ole dick. If you want privacy and are willing to get half your internet speed then by all means use them.

    Hans Solo says:

    I'm not hating but i can't stand this guy and he pops up everyday in my recommendations and i'm sick of it…..I'm too old for this crap,i want someone that talks like a normal person and isnt' making (un)funny faces every two seconds,cause he is on Youtube.He is probably older than me and i want to tell him to grow up,this feels like a Minecraft channel to me -_-

    Sir Jarko says:

    I know some of you may disagree but I really like this design of the Dell. Especially compared to what Dells use to look like. I do think the Cable Management is god awful,Power Supply Could be better and honestly the Fans are just rubbish. I know its a pre-built but I have done a matter better Job then they have with the interior and all that and thats with my first PC Build ever. Kinda disapointing in those regards but I do like everything else about it.

    Dedi the taco king says:

    dennis sent me here

    josh barnaby says:

    6:42 r/dankmemes

    Eric Glueckert says:

    Never could understand why people get a "bone-yay" (boner) over removing the plastic from their electronics and pc parts.

    confluence says:

    moar plastic removal pr0n!

    MiningManic55 says:

    better hope this pc doesnt get Dell disorder

    damien merrylees says:

    Total respect lost at 2:30 already. "AMD can sell more with Dell";Well, AMD are only going to sell the GPU because that's all Dell will buy.Then they'll make their own shit-tier PCB to put it on.In their shit-tier PCB custom motherboard.With their SHIT TIER DRIVERS and bloatware that will come installed on their systems.ON TOP OF THEIR SHIT TIER WINDOWS INSTALLS THAT FAIL EVERY 3 MONTHS
    They're over-priced footrests AT BEST.

    beerpowered says:

    Challenge and Lose in the High-End Gaming Market.

    Michael Dina says:

    Its good to see Dell begin to build some legit AMD systems because Intel has kinda been bribing Dell in the pass to entice them to use only their CPU's. This a a really good thing for the consumer in the long run. I really like that Linus analysed the Dell from a value perspective. Dell seems to put enough thought into building their machines to avoid pissing off the nerds too much.

    Pukli says:

    Hey could you make an episode about misleading market prices of Vega 64. First they announced they would release the Vega 64 at the price of 499€/$ but only after couple days they the second set of gpus to resellers was over 100€/$ more expensive. Many youtubers and websites evaluate gpus on the performance per dollar/euro and this seems like a misleading marketing from AMD to make their gpu to look less expensive than Nvidias gpu on the reviews.

    Kelley Starnauld says:

    Hey, We Have Finally Reached 14M Family Members! So I Have A Small Surprise For You

    hikecraze says:

    Just wow…. Dell??? Really? Im a tech guy and yeah dells customer service sucks unless you wanna pay $230 for ram upgrade and the warrantee lol linus was trying to be nice but you could tell the cringe in his speal good going on keeping a straight face lol

    Sarreq Teryx says:

    Yahs BEYBEEE!!! Strip that machine!!!!!!

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