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Akula review! – GTA Online guides

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  • In this video I take a look at the Akula! A stealth attack helicopter added as part of the Doomsday heist DLC in GTA Online!

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    IBiGwIlLyHaVeRI says:

    Hunter is better

    William Afton987 says:

    What about the hunters history in VC and SA (1st version of III)

    Adrian 24798 says:

    I already have to hunter now I want this

    Dukkiegamer says:

    I'm not engaged in air fights alot so I'll be buying this thing. A little less fire power and a little less armor but I can travel everywhere without being disturbed by someone following me trying to kill me

    Alexey Shumiliak says:

    akUla, not Akula!

    DY0N PLAYS says:

    I need someone's opinion… I already own a buzzard and a savage. So is it worth buying a hunter or an Akula? If so which one should I buy??

    AexX says:

    Im good with my savage

    Prove YourPoint says:

    I wonder if the stealth mode is any faster? (cause its more aerodynamic)

    Alexander Komyakov says:

    It's pronounced "Akoola".

    Sugar Bill says:

    If only rockstar make the passenger of the akula able to climb and sit on the side of window to shoot like some car

    ryan kho says:

    hunter is old news akula real deal. hunter heavy as hell akula very light but hey its just my thought.well i meant hunters are pretty good at his era but for newbie just get yourself a buzzard its worthit.btw i was planing tp get my self a hunter before akula came but am a low profile type you know but for who like gun rampage get your self a hunter

    Dylex 101 says:

    U said 3.7 million it 2.7

    Matthew Martinez says:

    Try using the akula in smuggler run dlc content see how it stealth capabilities
    During sourcing cargo

    Wiktor Lantner says:

    Its a great chopper if you get the trade price

    iWatch You says:

    This is the best

    Dagmar Gameplays says:

    I always see your review videos pyrerealm, can you plz make a review video about all the mk2 rifles, about all stats and dmg in pvp

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