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Aegis Ti3 – The most extreme MSI Gaming PC | Gaming Desktop | MSI

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  • The MSI Aegis Ti3 is one of the most powerful gaming PCs and is SLI capable. Combined with an Intel Core i7 CPU and multiple SSD storage options, this is one of the fastest PCs you can find on the market today. See more:

    -VR Ready with VR Link: One-Click-VR and HDMI out port
    -Mystic Light: RGB LED design to customize your Gaming PC
    -Silent Storm Cooling 3 Pro: Cooling system with liquid cooling
    -Gaming Storage: Load your games even faster



    rishabh rawat says:

    Monster PC

    ZiMRA says:

    stop makeing these stupid uuuuuuuugly child dream pcs… make slick window… ez… your shit looks cheep and plasic shit… i loved.. MSI.. 4 years ago before they started to realease this shit… had top of the line laptop… but all the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiity software omfg keyboard couldstop speakers could stop working.. its rediculess.. and they still pumping out like 5 lines of prebuild shit pcs… wow… just wow .. im unsubbing ill go check Acer… atleast they make pc hardware annd not just plasic shells that look like shit… get your fucking priorities straight

    Metalmachine467 says:

    My time spy score was 17501
    With cinebench 2464

    Otto jr says:

    Why no lihting set

    dialgarocksful says:

    Alliance FeelsBadMan

    Oggeri says:

    Tell me how many dicks did you have in your mouth when you were making this video?

    凋龍 says:

    Hope the side panel Is clean. And If I can see that sweet sweet MSI Dragon logo on that liquid cooling pump, That will be ten times better!!

    mousoulisjohn says:

    its looks like a machine villain !
    I like it !!!

    Shawn R says:

    That case looks like shit..

    lander op de beeck says:

    nou nou dat is toch wel opvallend als er een nederlander engels probeert te spreken… (pretty noticable if someone from the netherlands speeks english) But this totally doesn't say something about flemish people who can speak english without accent 😉

    Yeti8it says:

    I dated an Asian girl way back that her mom was Dutch and her dad was Filipino . She was light skinned yet looked Asian and spoke with a Dutch accent . It was SO strange getting used to that . She butchered almost every word in English . lol

    Eknim says:

    dutch people speaking english should be illegal

    Guerreros del Pc says:

    I'm worried about temperature to graphic card,don't see a good air flow.

    Guerreros del Pc says:

    Looks good,but the link don't work.

    Legend O Nor says:

    Looks like a plastic toy

    Cronus PH says:

    Hope i have this pc ohh i dont have money.. haha

    AnalogFoundry says:

    Holy crap, why are gaming desktops so fugly? Design of these machines looks like someone stole a middle school boy's notebook where he furiously sketched "the ultimate hacking machine" out of red and black ink. And strife.

    Azib Izzudin says:

    First watching

    DragonFury 1738 says:

    Looks kinda weird. I just want to pull the system of the stand. Looks silly

    JB says:

    Wich one is the most powerful msi desktop

    And how can you get this exact computer in France or Sweden
    Btw love you and your computers

    andreasaa2000 says:

    Your link doesnt work mate

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