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5K Gaming on a $5,000 iMac Pro

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  • AppleInsider decided to put the Vega 56 GPU in our $5,000 iMac Pro to the test with some of the most popular games on the market. We were actually able to play at 5K resolution with decent graphics settings! iMac Pro ► Lowest prices ►

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    alberto cabrera says:

    what a waste on money. it wasn't made or configure for gaming. just lost respect for this channel.

    JohnLiuFromHK says:

    can you do a comparison between the 56 and 64?

    Michal Stankiewicz says:

    Mate imac is not for games, it is for work, usually for artists, that’s all

    Top 0 things you NEED to know, and watch what my pet rock has to say on this subject! says:

    Mac is junk. They use 8+FRC panels which makes your 16GB GPU worthless for 10-bit content creation. Mac is scamming all of you and they're worthless.

    EYECRAFTVideo says:

    Hi MAx Please can you Make a more in depth Video about editing 8K & 4 K plus DAVinci – Is 14 or 18 core to much for Davinci with 10 nod on 8K R3D? – do you need 128bg for that style of colour grading?

    R C says:

    Apple should couple up with Sony.

    You can’t compete with having Windows and an Xbox.

    Jay says:

    Just do a clean install without boot camp and might run smoother.

    Katalabix says:

    the GPU looks good enough

    Picasso Pablo says:

    all kids here with 0 knowledge are blaming AMD for this, when its actually the bootcamp problem.. whatever, internet is full of kids bs

    Roberto Bacilio says:

    Muy buen video !!!!

    Tow Dow 3 says:

    lol what did you all do with fortnite Leo Laporte was running fortnite on Epic and getting 60fps WHILE apple motion was rendering something that would typically take a day.

    Patrick Maloney says:

    This is why you use nVidia. Drivers better across all platforms. Nothing will fix the thermal throttling and clocked-down chips.

    Hans Lecaros says:

    Gaming on a mac was, is and always will suck no matter what.

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