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5 Things to do when bored in GTA online #4

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  • In this video I show off another 5 things that one can do when bored in GTA Online (besides switching to another game of course!)

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    AgentNed says:

    Please do not use an dead meme from 5 fuckin months ago thank you

    Hazar Koyuncu says:

    What is the music in 5:10

    FirmClover350 gaming says:

    Does anyone wanna do this cuz i got no friends if u want my gt on xbox is firmclover350 and we can get a big group and do this

    thegamer05 2205 says:

    I found the suding change from driving alone to drifting
    also what is the song that would play when the black and white van would appear in the drifting parts

    zombieki11r12 channel says:

    Mountain dew

    Lord Doge says:

    Where do you The music from when you do drag test

    Lizabeth GreenBird says:

    most of these things require friends 🙁

    nick browning says:

    sometimes a just hire a taxi and go from one side of the map to the other

    foodank_atr says:

    Step 1: Steal Police Car
    Step 2: Lose wanted level
    Step 3: Drive to wanted marker, parking front corner of car in marker…start job, then cancel
    Step 4: Retrieve freshly spawned police car
    Step 5: Go CEO
    Step 5: Go Ghost
    Step 7: Call Lester for Blind Eye

    z3e M says:

    The first 1 is really fun though .

    Specter7 All hail the dn says:

    oh and they past the fence and ohhh!!!

    Riyaadh Fakier says:

    or… just quit the game and call it a day. You can always play the next day.

    Lord Tachanka says:

    How to make pyreal gaming character? Like,heritage,hair,etc.?

    The Joker says:

    Mr Boss Acronym –

    Only for
    Seven year olds

    Sudeen Death says:

    Eu queria saber qual é a música que toca na van preta em 5:31

    B Villarreal says:

    Hey guys, I'm new to gta 5 online and I have a question, what should I buy or save up for? I have around 250000 bucks and I was wondering if I should save up for an apartment with a garage (or separate) an oppresser bike, a hydra, a bunker or even a motorcycle club. What should I buy/ save up for?

    DAYASHI says:

    We just need a really big cinematic drift meet vid

    ProKeyGaming says:

    What is the song calles that is played at 0:55?

    The Husky army says:

    3:45 is my car vs all my other friends cars

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