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14 BEST Nintendo Switch games coming in 2018! eShop & physical!

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  • I show you 14 upcoming Nintendo Switch games for 2018 that I am super excited for! Please subscribe to my channel for more Nintendo Switch coverage!

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    CANON EOS 700d Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS STM
    CANON Legria HF R506 (Vlogging camera)
    Audio: Takstar Microphone
    Software: Pinnacle Studios 15 Ultimate
    I do/make/edit everything myself.

    Games I mention are:
    Lost Sphear
    Light Fingers
    Away: Journey to the Unexpected
    Atelier Lydie & Suelle
    Dragon Quest Builders
    Crazy Justice
    Wolfenstein II
    Project Octopath Traveler
    Yoshi Switch
    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    My Time at Portia


    Owen Foster says:

    You forgot bayonetta 3 and 2 +1 too since the bayonetta 2+ 1 comming to Nintendo switch yea I'm an platinum games fan

    Stefan Matiak says:

    Hello. I like your channel. I am almost half Norwegian heritage wise and It's cool to see gamers from Norway. I'm loving my Switch and glad you are too.

    Ulmo says:

    There is Standing Ircha again! 🙂
    And again, great scripting! 🙂

    Genesis Guy 1234 says:

    I'm also Hyped for Atelier Lydie And Suelle! It's coming this March too and hell Nintendo is burning our wallets like crazy!

    ed515die/mrNintendo says:

    oh ya were from canada me and my6 gf will watch u from now on im a switch lover and cant explian my love for nintendo

    ed515die/mrNintendo says:

    Hello just came across your channel and it's Kool so I subscribed and u remind me of one of my favorite utubers

    Helgan says:

    You’re using Crash bandicoot soundtrack for a Nintendo video ? :O

    PikaLink91 says:

    I know that the January Direct is all but confirmed, but I hooooooooooope that we get Smash Brothers this year!!!!!

    PikaLink91 says:

    I hadn't heard about Re:Legend before, thanks for the heads-up, might be worth checking out 🙂

    PikaLink91 says:

    Just a future heads up, "sphear" is pronounced like how you say the word "ear". So it is S-F-EAR.

    Also greetings from Denmark, we are practically neighbours 😉

    lazrdragon says:

    Those are great picks and I really like the attention on the lesser known titles! I got Radical Reggie hooking it up with the obscure ps4 games and Ircha with the obscure switch games.

    Have have checked out Bayonetta? They're really great action games; kinda like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden.

    Blitz Tanker says:

    beautiful finnish girl

    EgenMusik says:

    But where is "Super Smash Bros Switch"? =O

    SimBe0web says:

    Mega man 11, travis strikes back and metroid prime 4. Duh or deeeeeer.

    Steffen Johnnysen says:

    i will definitely buy and play bloodstained, thank you icha.

    Pluto Castle says:

    Thanks for pronouncing "Atelier" correctly, no other youtubers seem to

    Kevin Ramirez says:

    Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games/Titles:

    Bayonetta 1+2
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
    Shin Megami Tensei 5
    Project Octopath Traveler (Demo available now)
    Valkyria Chronicles 4
    Bayonetta 3
    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
    PayDay 2
    Mega Man Legacy Collection
    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus
    Fear Effect Sedna
    Seasons of Heaven
    Attack on Titan 2
    Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
    Arena of Valor
    Crazy Justice
    Dragon Marked for Death
    Senran Kagura
    Dragon Quest 11 (Nintendo should publish it)
    Blade Strangers
    Shakedown Hawaii
    Metroid Prime 4
    Smash Bros (It's coming, we just don't know when and/or how)
    Kirby Star Allies
    Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus
    Yoshi 2018
    Mega Man 11
    Fire Emblem 2018
    No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again
    Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

    Games we would love to see on Nintendo Switch:

    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake
    Freedom Planet 1 and 2
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Soul Calibur 6
    Kaze and the Wild Masks
    Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster
    Kingdom Hearts HD Remix (1.5, 2.5, and 2.8) Collections
    Mega Man Zero HD Collection
    Dragon Ball Fighter Z
    Mega Man Battle Network Collection

    Cultist of Gyarloth says:

    Hmm, the new backdrop and lighting looks very professional, but I miss the old one already. It used to feel like the audience is just sitting down with you at your couch table to hear about gaming, that was nice and warm and set it apart from many other gaming channels. I guess it's hard to combine these two styles without making your living room look like a studio all the time…

    The sound and image quality are stellar, though! And thanks for pointing out several games I would never have noticed.

    Duncan Rathband says:

    Good luck with the channel in 2018 Ircha. You deserve to grow and you are clearly putting a lot of heart into your vids!

    AngryTeddyBeer says:

    Nice video. I know what games to get now. Looking very pretty btw

    fato kh says:

    I hope that Nintendo will be cheaper, cheaper price and an open world game

    fato kh says:

    I hope that Nintendo will be cheaper, cheaper price and an open world game and pokémon and One piece open world games

    knut johan storbukaas says:

    Bra info og morsom video! Veldig bra jobb!

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