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10 most absurd quick time events in gaming

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  • 10 most absurd quick time events in gaming. Whether you love them or dislike them quick time events have been a staple in gaming for many years now. It gives developers the opportunity to do something spectacular even if that means they have to take away control from the player. However some quick time events are just plain ridiculous. Get ready for the 10 most absurd quick time events in gaming!


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    Honey "Kitty" Heartstrings says:

    QTEs in FFXIV's raid battles that have you mash any key. (An MMO)

    FunFact BiH says:

    Thx voice lady….she'll be back!!!

    FPS Abstract says:

    By pornhub back to YouTube

    THE noob says:

    i love your voice so much!!

    Jeremy Teo says:

    9:21 lag basically

    BeatCommission says:

    Deadly Premonition Remake/Reboot NOW!

    The Jesterday says:

    SHE HAS RETURNED!!! hope she got a raise

    Andrew-V/Ellnats says:

    the only time these are good is if they give you that pause when it appears so you have more then enough time to react

    After FX says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES WE DO voice over lady YES WE DO miss you finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    abloogywoogywoo says:

    Press X to…
    Nope, too slow.

    Athene Dehart says:

    You call a minute and nineteen seconds of slapping wolverine a very long time in a game that is too short to begin with??? Hahaha. ok.

    gaddes scott says:

    these youtube ads are killing youtube for me

    gaddes scott says:

    i never got that school girl part in shenmue

    Kyubbiman says:

    Yeah the qte from Fahrenheit looks ridiculous and is hilarious in part due to the graphics available at the time. However if you retooled this using modern graphics, updated animation and gaming engines it would probably look spectacular.

    Sergio M. Urbizu says:

    The peace in the universe has been restored. She's back

    Luis Villagran says:

    I love you lewd voice lady!!!! 😀

    Gabriel Veras says:

    QTE in NFS The Run!

    Mr. Monochrome says:

    The second one isn't even a quick time event…

    Scott Smith says:

    What about Kratos beating the holy hell out of Zeus in God of War 3?

    Qu1ck57r1k3 says:

    "Shenmu is patient zero of the quick time event phenomenon"
    Uh….Dragon's Lair would like a word with that statement.

    husleman says:

    yyyayyy, the mysterious voice lady is back.

    Asrial1006 says:

    Saints Row 4 the candy cane is my all time favourite szene 😀

    Derek Fischer says:

    the sex qtes in god of war

    Saburo Ryuu says:

    Just the "kept you waiting eh?" with Snake was PERFECT

    Flying Shadow says:

    we missed you so much!!!!

    Matches Malone says:

    She had a baby!!!!

    Rҽɑѵҽɾ says:

    Yes yes finally glad to see you voicing again

    David Speelman says:

    yeahhhhhh she is backkkkkkk!!!!!!!!! miss that voice

    Amy Cross says:

    Heavy rain lol first lil bit into it I had to stop and put on a sports bra so much controller shaking

    Joshua Goforth says:

    10 is my favorite

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