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10 Best NEW Things for Gamers at CES 2018

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  • The best gaming related tech shown at CES 2018. Did you see anything cool this year? Let’s talk!
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    gameranx says:

    The bigger question: will you actually buy any of this stuff?

    DJ _DANK says:

    7:44 , You’re welcome.

    Silver Acid says:

    Logitech already released wireless mouse+mousepad. It's called the Powerplay. Afaik razer isn't the innovator there

    Kue Lee says:

    I'm gonna build a mid to high end computer soon. Was debating on either ryzen 7 or i7 7700k? Hmm.. Main objective is gaming with music or other small pages open in the back.

    Chilrona says:

    I love how Falcon called AR "alternate reality" at 7:47. Its "augmented reality"

    James Profit says:

    Give me number three!!!

    Thế Luân Vương says:

    What i expect from the "best new things for gamers" are cool new PC techs and hardwares… You can imagine my surprise with the gaming t-shirt, gaming router, gaming rgb lighting. Oh well !!!

    divyang patel says:

    cmon, VRMMORPGs already. I want a nerve gear by the time I graduate.

    darius ward says:

    that last one look like something off hunger games

    Ashraf Shtay says:

    The Wall by Samsung
    Imagine you can add more parts to your monitor to make it bigger or wider, that would be amazing.

    Walt Kowalski says:

    nothing special

    Domonic Viviers says:

    what no Volta coverage 1 petaflop on a chip imagine the gaming potential

    Anirudh Sivakumar says:

    January 9-2??

    Austin Prosser says:

    Logitech powerplay is the same thing and came ou before razer by like a year

    David733 says:

    What a time to be alive!

    Aierek says:

    Project Linda is just a concept design, it's not actually going on sale any time soon but it's a concept design that proves that it's actually possible to create a device like this that your phone can integrate into

    Sebastian Koller says:

    Highlight command citizen tckbmre recently hit reinforce eastern regular people.

    rickzonedout says:

    I just want the tv. It’s probably going to cost $8000 but u know. INNOVATION. LOL

    Perejanthan Thavaseelan says:

    7:45 “alternate reality” damn! Need one of those!

    Grey Crimson says:

    So we have a body sensor for VR, great! Now we just need gloves and boots and that'll be the set, although it would be better if the headset could be some kind of mask, like a full helm instead of just a helm, now that would be the full outfit

    Autismo The Great says:

    The coolest thing here is probably he multi monitor thing

    spncryang says:

    Geforece now on Switch huh???

    Gamertech says:

    The Laptop looks absolutely Amazing.. I would love to have that laptop in my hand.

    seth mitchell says:

    Would multiple computer mouse be called mice?

    Chris Revocateur says:

    GeForce Now has been available for the Shield devices for a few years now. It's only new to PC.

    Htet Nay Kyaw says:

    Dam life of rich people

    IS Music says:

    perfect I needed a new table

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