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    Q: Do you play on a PS4 Pro?
    A: Yes

    Q: Do you hip-fire every weapon?
    A: No I only hip-fire the shotgun (because I like to jump around) the rocket launcher & the grenade launcher. Every other weapon you have to crouch and ADS (aim down the sights) and tap fire… don’t hold it.

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: I’m from Houston Texas but I currently live in Mexico with my wife and my son.

    Q: What is your schedule?
    A: I stream 6 hours from 6 am to 12 (US Central) then a 3 hour break and come back to stream from 3 pm pm to 9 pm (US Central)

    Q: Why do you stream on YouTube and not Twitch?
    A: I know Twitch is considered the “best” place to stream but that doesn’t mean YouTube isn’t a good place. I mean you are here watching me 🙂 and I appreciate that Kappa

    Q: What’s your highest kill game?
    A: I got 25 kills with a loss to the final guy and a 20 game win

    Q: What’s your longest win streak?
    A: 16 games in a row

    Q: How do you get the skins?
    A: You have to buy most skins. You can also get some skins if you buy the battle pass for the season.

    Q: If I buy the battle pass for season 2 do I lose my things for s3?
    A: No you don’t lose what you unlock for s2 but you also have to buy the pass for each new season.

    Q: Why did you drop the green/blue burst for a white/green AR?
    A: The burst is an amazing weapon I just don’t like using it.

    Q: What’s your sensitivity?
    A: I play with all maxed out sensitivity but you should use what feels good for you. If you keep changing your sensitivity you will never build muscle memory.

    Q: Why do you jump all the time?
    A: I don’t want to get sniped. The worse thing you can do is stand still or run in a straight line.

    Q: What happened to Rami Coins?
    A: Rami coins where causing too many problems for me. I decided that I rather not deal with the issues and you should just watch my streams because you enjoy them and not because you are getting fake coins/hours.

    Q: Can you add me?
    A: Sorry I don’t add anybody. There’s too many viewers and there’s only a limit of 2k friends on PSN

    Q: Do you use a controller/mouse/scuff?
    A: I use a regular PS4 Pro controller but I do want to get a scuff controller as I feel it’s better than a regular controller. I say this because I have an xbox elite controller with the paddles and it just made it easier to play with that controller.

    Q: What is the best spot to land?
    A: There’s no best spot to land only what you like. I like Lonely Lodge so I drop there.

    Q: Why don’t you answer my questions in chat?
    A: It’s very hard to play and read chat at the same time. It’s impossible for me to read all the questions but I try to do my best. One thing I can say is that I appreciate you watching and supporting the stream!

    Q: I would like to donate but I can’t because I’m a kid 🙁
    A: Don’t worry about it. You can show support in many. You can hit the like button! You can share the stream! You can re-tweet. All these are free 🙂

    Q: Why is the camera off?
    A: The camera is usually off when I’m eating but it won’t stay off for long!

    Q: How old are you?
    A: I’m 35 years old but I like to joke a lot and say that I’m 55.

    Q: Why do you say millions and not thousands are you stupid? You really don’t know math!
    A: I know it’s thousands and not millions and I do know math.. it’s just fun to mess with the chat 1+1 = 3 – 4 = 9 QUICK MATHS

    Q: Why do you like wood more than brick & metal?
    A: Because wood is better when you are getting shot. Wood takes more hits to go down early on than brick and metal. I would rather have 999 wood than brick/metal.

    Q: What headphones do you use?
    A: I use Skull Candy Plyr1 but you can use ANY headphones that have surround sound 7.1

    Q: Why is it on slow mode?
    A: Slow mode is required in order for me to able to read the chat. If there was no slow mode it would be going too fast to read.

    Q: Why don’t you play combat pro?
    A: When the game first came out there was no combat pro. I played over 2,000 matches with default method that when combat pro came out it was too hard for me to make the switch.


    WhiteEagle tube says:

    Man im sorry for your son you almost made me cry too

    Carmen Zavaleta says:

    Todo el día se envía :v

    jesse says:

    You are the best

    Jy Pp says:

    So many ads

    FgeDough NuTss says:

    wanna run duos?

    sailor2485 says:

    just subed, love the channel

    Sarah Ivey says:

    how do that

    Jay G says:

    Holy shit nearly 1500 wins solo! Go get some sleeep man wth

    Mr HaX says:

    Whats the somg for the donation called!!!!!

    Elisha George says:

    do you like no friendly fire

    nathan herrington says:

    Wow who watched the whole 9 HOURS

    Fluff 709 says:

    Got into a game with you 2 days ago, made it too top 5 before you absolutely diced me up lol, had to upload the clip.

    Connor Faught says:

    What's the song when someone makes a donation?

    Venom Monroe says:

    Why do you mock people? Jesus

    Chickenkrem says:

    Your pad is dualshock or nacon revolution?

    fire face says:

    hello chick and cheese

    Funnyrandomboy says:


    Rafail Polymenopoulos says:

    When is the update coming

    Short RBLX says:

    How did u get ur acc back

    Waylon Allman says:

    It’s 5:48 am for me

    Chocolate-chip- Mint says:

    Hey Alex, heat up some water then mix honey and lemon juice in it. It should help, get well soon 🙂

    Random Sibs says:

    I thought I got banned

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